Alden Klaput is an American painter and poet from the state of Maryland, known primarily for his psychedelic paintings and dungeon art. Inspired by the video games of yore, he sometimes paints scenes from games which do not exist, to make up for his lack of comprehension of computer code. But, free spirted as he is, he seldom sticks to one single style or idea for long, making it difficult to pin down what sort of painter he really is, and opts to paint pictures that pique his interest, or images imagined in everyday illusions and day dreams that drastically drone on for far to long. He finds himself tricked by singular spirits that he still seeks to seal inside his paintings where they'd bide their time, doing onto viewers what they do onto him, tricking you to get lost within these little worlds, insisting that there's SOMETHING there and that you yourself must set upon seeking it out. You find yourself getting snared in dense fogs of color, wandering aimlessly in the picture plane before you, created with the sole purpose of getting you lost.